Making Reservations

The best way to check room availability, room rates or make reservations is to use the online "BOOK A ROOM" part of our web site. This is available "24 by 7" - so anytime during the day or night you can check room availability or book a room at our inn.  Note that we have a BEST RATE Guarantee.  It will always be less to book direct instead of using third party booking sites like, Expedia, AirBnB,, etc.  We will beat any valid price offer you find online.  We recommend that you call us to discuss what you prefer - we can often suggest alternatives or point out things that may not be shown on any web site (which rooms are the quietest).   Call our new Reservations Desk - 1-410-819-9828 from 8am until 9pm every day.  If you do get a message, we will promptly call you back.  Note that we DO NOT tack on extra fees like a "Resort Fee" which other inns in this area have implemented.  Compare total price!  We find some inns list a LOW PRICE for their smallest room with twin beds, whereas, a room comparable to our rooms costs much more, especially when you add the extra fees!
When using "BOOK A ROOM", on the left side select your "check-in" and "check-out" dates and then click on SEARCH to pull up the room list.  For weekend stays that require two nights, it will show after the room # . . . "2 nights for $$$".  If the room is booked on one or more nights by someone else, you will get a "Call Us" message. You can modify the dates or choose another room, or just call us!  When you get the message "CHECKOUT" with the room photo, you can proceed on making your reservation (At this point you can select from "Make Your Stay Even More Memorable" by selecting flowers, wine, etc.)  After you read the Inn Policies at the end -  click on "I AGREE" to move to the screen where you enter your name, address, phone number and credit card info.  You can cancel up until 14 days prior to your arrival for a nominal fee (usually $25 per room to cover staff expenses and credit card processing fees on your deposit ).  Within 14 days of arrival, you can cancel and recover most of your deposit if we can rent the room to someone else - so give us adequate notice!  If you need us to make an adjustment in the rate for a special offer or to redeem a Gift Certificate, please call us so we can make the changes  and send you a new confirmation.  If you have any dietary restrictions, please put that information in the comment field as well.  We need to know your ETA so we can strive to be here when you arrive (before 7pm) - so please provide that information as well.  You can call us on your arrival date to update your ETA. 
If you need to reach us by phone - call 1-410-819-9828 for reservations.  Our Reservations Manager can usually be reached from 8 am until 9 pm.  If we are unable to answer your call, please leave us a message so we  can call you back promptly.  If you need to call the owner and innkeeper, try Will's cell phone at 1-410-829-0510.
You can also send us an email ( as we check our email several times each day. This would be appropriate if you are checking a month or more in advance. If you want to book the entire inn or a group of rooms for a special get together, please call us to discuss the arrangements. If you want to bring a pet or children, we ask that you call us to discuss the arrangements and any additional fees!